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About Timesheets MTS Software New Server

Timesheets MTS Software (T/A Timesheets MTS Software ABN 94 619 063 505) is a family company specialising in developing Microsoft Windows based software for businesses. We have specific experience in timesheet software, electronic order processing, and business process automation. The owner and founder of Timesheets MTS Software has 20 years experience in engineering and software consulting across Australia.

Currently more than 10,000 companies in 60 countries use our software with more than 300 of those companies in Australia. Our users range from multi national pharmaceutical companies right down to sole traders in dozens of different industries. Timesheets Lite is used by engineers, IT consultants, web developers, marketers, accountants, lawyers, and many others.

Being in Australia we can offer our Australian users unparalleled support, with emails usually being answered within an hour or two. You're also welcome to contact us by telephone on 0488 510 248.

If you'd like to know more about us, or have a suggestion or question for us, why not contact us now!