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Timesheets Lite Screenshot
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Timesheets Lite with Task Timer Active

A view of the Timesheets Lite timesheet showing the task timer automatically tracking time spent on a task.

Copying Timesheet Times

Employees can easily drag one or more times from the timesheet list to a day on the calendar to either make a copy of the times or move the times.

Timesheets Lite Favourites

Projects and common activities can be saved as favourites by employees for more efficient timesheet data entry.

Viewing Multiple Days

Employees are not restricted to viewing one day on their timesheet. By selecting multiple days on the calendar an employee can view, add, edit and delete times across any time period.

Add/Edit Time Screenshot

This screen is used by employees to add or edit times. Timesheet items are recorded against a project and optionally a common activity and can be entered in decimal hours, hours / minutes, or time units.

Project Filter Screenshot

If an employee only needs to book time to one or two projects then they can use the project filter screen to hide projects they will not use. This can make it easier for employees in companies with a very long project list.

Manage Projects Screenshot

This screen is used to manage the Timesheets Lite project list. Employees need to pick a project when recording a time on their timesheet.

 Project Information Screenshot

This is the general project information screen.

Project Financial Information  Screenshot

This is the project financial information screen.

Project User Defined Fields Screenshot

If you need to track any additional information along with a project it can be entered on this screen.

Manage Employees Screenshot

This screen is used to manage the Timesheets Lite employee list. If you need an employee to use Timesheets Lite to track their timesheet information then you must create a corresponding employee record for them in Timesheets Lite.

Employee Screenshot

This is the general employee information screen.

Manage Customers Screenshot

This screen is used to manage the Timesheets Lite customer list. If required you can assign projects to a customer and then use the Timesheets Lite reporting screen to run reports for that customer only.

Customer Screenshot

The Add/Edit Customer screen is used to manage information about individual customers.

Manage Common Activities Screenshot

This screen is used to manage the Timesheets Lite common activities list. You can use Common Activities to represent those tasks that are commonly carried out within your projects. Employees can book time against activities when recording timesheet data and reports can be run breaking down time spent against common activities.

Common Activity Screenshot

The Add/Edit Common Activity screen is used to manage information about individual common activities.

Invoicing Screenshot

Timesheet items entered into Timesheets Lite can be marked as invoiced using this screen.

Invoicing Report Screenshot

This report is generated by the invoicing report screen (see above) and it details all of the times that were marked as invoiced. This report can then be used to generate your actual invoices for billing your customers.

Report Configuration Screenshot

This screen is used to set report criteria such as dates, employees, customers, and common activity. It's also used to select the actual report to be run and then will generate the report (by clicking the Create Report button).

Report Screenshot

This is an example Timesheets Lite report with a brief explanation of the toolbar buttons available at the top of every report.

Detailed Activity Report Screenshot

If you need a day by day and employee by employee breakdown of activity on projects then the detailed activity report is the one for you.

Search Database Screenshot

This screen can be used to run searches against the Timesheets Lite database. It includes a simple query builder and the ability to export the search results directly to Excel.

Login Screenshot

This screen is used by employees to select their name from the list and then login to Timesheets Lite.

Dashboard Screenshot

When no employee is logged into Timesheets Lite the dashboard is displayed.

Interface Options Screenshot

Various aspects of the Timesheets Lite user interface are controlled by this screen, the Interface Options screen.

Report Options Screenshot

Some aspects of how reports in Timesheets Lite are generated are controlled by the Report Options screen.

System Options Screenshot

Critical system wide settings of Timesheets Lite are controlled on the System Options screen.