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Online Support Resources

Current Timesheets Lite Version:

If you're having problems with Timesheets Lite or have a question about using it then there's a good chance we've written a solution or a guide that will help you out. Try consulting the list below if you need help. The links below will take you to support pages on our Global Site.

  1. Look at the readme.htm file that is included with Timesheets Lite when you download it. You can view this file from the Timesheets Lite program folder.
  2. Read the The Timesheets Lite release notes. You can check here if your problem has been fixed up in a newer version of the software.
  3. Registering Timesheets Lite - learn how to register Timesheets Lite.
  4. Setting Up Timesheets Lite on Multiple Computers - learn how to setup Timesheets Lite on multiple computers.
  5. The F.A.Q. for Timesheets Lite.
  6. See if you can find what you need in the Timesheets Lite documentation.
  7. Of course you're always welcome to Email our support staff with your problem. Let us know what program you are using, what version it is, what the problem is and we'll get back to you quickly with a solution!